Become a Member

What are the steps to join Rotary?

  • Attend two meetings as a guest to see if you are comfortable with our club.
  • Meet a member to discuss the process, including initial and ongoing costs.
  • Understand the commitment needed to be involved in our various projects.
  • All members of the club require a sponsor (current member)
  • Need to identify your Vocation or Rotary Classification.
  • This is a description of your vocation (such as Banking, Real Estate – Commercial, etc.).
  • Name is submitted to Membership Chair who will present it to the Board for approval.
  • Once approved by Board, name is circulated to all members to approve or identify if they know of any reason that a potential member should not be granted membership.
  • Once above completed, you are invited to membership.
  • Pay Joining and Annual membership fee