We announced at the meeting was that our District was successful in securing three Australia Day Grants.  Claire has been in touch with the council and can confirm that the normal community events will not be going ahead (the community breakfast, Hooked on Portland activities on the foreshore etc.).  The Glenelg Shire council will be running it's award ceremonies as ticketed invitee only events in the towns through the shire.  
The initial idea was to try and run a drive-in cinema event.  We have since had confirmation that the movie equipment will not be available around this time.  (will hold this idea in reserve for a March event).
Claire also attended the Grants seminar run by the National Australia Day Council on Monday the 14th.  The grant is specifically for an event held on Australia Day only.  This can be an online event or public event.  The theme of the Australia Day promotion is 'The Story of Australia' acknowledging that sometimes the story is not always palatable and acknowledging our history spans 60,000 years, not just the recent colonisation.   Read more here: https://www.australiaday.org.au/
Open for ideas! Restrictions may change again in early January.  Do we want to do something?