December 09 news
President note
Thanks to all those who attended.  It was great to be back to buffet format. A reminder that all apologies must be registered on the attendance number or you will be invoiced.  Christmas meeting on the 16th, remember to bring along your Kris Kringle presents and we look forward to District Governor Phil and Judy joining us.  Group 5 Assistant Governor, Peter Simons will be visiting as well.   See you Wednesday.
Board Reports
Club Service, Admin and PR:  Club meeting schedule has been put together, make sure you check out the calendar on the website, or click the events links on the right hand side of the bulletin.  A big thank-you to Patsy, who will be stepping down from her director role due to her burgeoning work commitments. 
Membership:  Marg will be attending one of the global membership seminars this week.  Christmas Social event scheduled for 18 Dec.
Foundation: Investigating movie options. Our fundraising goals for foundation this year is $3400.00.  Read more about the Rotary Foundation giving here: 
President-Elect Helen
I completed PETs, it was very interesting and informative. I liked the zoom format, we started off at 10.00am in breakout rooms to meet other President Elects. Then back into one group to discuss Club Administration, then Embracing Technology, Q&A finished by 11.40am. The next week same start followed by Rotary Foundation, Top Tips for Presidents, finished off session with Environment as Avenue of Service and goal setting. Lots of reading and researching to continue to do.
Dates to note:
Multi-District PETs 14/15 Feb 2021
District Assembly 11th April 2021
Say No to Family Violence Project update
Bev attended the latest Say No to Family Violence project meeting.  The main purpose of this project is to raise awareness.  The future goals are to get Glenelg shire wide signage, into schools, partnering with Standing tall and getting in contact with our indigenous communities.  The committee is also working with Vic Roads and the Shire to get signage up on the road into Portland.  
Australia Day Update
We announced at the meeting was that our District was successful in securing three Australia Day Grants.  Claire has been in touch with the council and can confirm that the normal community events will not be going ahead (the community breakfast, Hooked on Portland activities on the foreshore etc.).  The Glenelg Shire council will be running it's award ceremonies as ticketed invitee only events in the towns through the shire.  
The initial idea was to try and run a drive-in cinema event.  We have since had confirmation that the movie equipment will not be available around this time.  (will hold this idea in reserve for a March event).
Claire also attended the Grants seminar run by the National Australia Day Council on Monday the 14th.  The grant is specifically for an event held on Australia Day only.  This can be an online event or public event.  The theme of the Australia Day promotion is 'The Story of Australia' acknowledging that sometimes the story is not always palatable and acknowledging our history spans 60,000 years, not just the recent colonisation.   Read more here:
Open for ideas! Restrictions may change again in early January.  Do we want to do something?
Professional Development Day -Catering
Planning for the Professional Development day for the Portland Secondary College, on the 28th of January is underway.  Details have been finalised with the college and we are more than capable of doing a great job.  
At this stage, the plan is:
We will be catering for 80 people.  
Menu will be:
  • Cold meats and chicken pieces (non weather dependant i.e.  total fire ban proof)
  • Salads (coleslaw, potato salad and a green salad option)
  • Coffee/Tea (supplied from our coffee van)
  • Slices/Sweet items
We will be getting the meats and pre made salads from IGA.  This option has been decided on as we can guarantee Covid-safe and food safe handling of the meat products.   Green salad will be made up on the day. 
From the members, we will need:
  • 2-3 people to join the organising team
  • Volunteers to pick up food on the day.
  • Volunteers to make a plate of slice (thinking 5 - 6 plates of 20 pieces each)
  • Volunteers to serve on the day.  
  • Coffee van crew.
Lots of time, we'll get a meeting together in the new year to finalise details and organisation.  Talk to Bev or Claire if you have any queries.
Project Ideas Submissions
We are looking for a major project to undertake.  If you have had an idea for a project, we invite you to submit the idea for consideration by the Board and the club. 
It is the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Australia in 2021.  There are projects underway that we could join or come up with our own to commemorate the R100 anniversary.  Browse the projects underway at the R100 website.
We have funds sitting unused, there are grants available and there are previous projects that could be built on.  
Submission by 31 January 2021.  Submissions need to follow the template document, available here or from the download library on our club website. 
Happy Coins 
Happy Coins paid this week for:
  • Gordon getting to visit grand kids
  • Claire:  First time in seven years, it is only Paul and herself in the house.
  • Merle:  A very successful street Christmas party held
  • Marg:  Fish and chips with Friends. wink
I know there were a couple of others, Sorry for those missed.  I didn't write them all down as I was dancing around capturing the coins.

Our Meetings

Wednesdays 0650am for a 0700am start.  We meet at the Blue Room at the Richmond Henty hotel.
Members need to apologise if they are NOT attending.  Friends and guests are welcome.  Please let us know you are coming.
Call or SMS 0456 976 676 by 1pm Tuesday.
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