Want to find out what Rotary is all about?  Are you looking for something different but meaningful to do?  Come along to our Zoom meeting on Wednesday 30 September to find out.  REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/rotaryportlandbay
We will be showcasing our core activities locally in the Portland Area, along with the bigger picture of what Rotary is all about both nationally and internationally.  After this we will be breaking out into smaller rooms where you can ask Rotarians questions directly and hear about their Rotary Experience (it's different for everyone!).  
The night is free. No commitment required.  It really is just a bit of a show and tell, so you can see if it is something that you might want to have a go at.    Rotary offers so much, that you can tailor your own experience to meet your own passions to make a bit of a difference in the world.