I remember how proud I was when I became a member and then to what was my year as Youth Director, I had the pleasure of putting together a plan of action and a fundraising budget to try and achieve to my plan and then move into what was a very busy and rewarding year. 
Sending and supporting young people to experience RYLA and RYPEN. Finding 3 applicants for outbound Youth exchange and with the help of the Rotary Club of Portland being able to see all 3 become successful outbound students. We had the wonderful Maddie as our inbound exchange student. It was a busy and rewarding year for myself and I believe the Club.  I think we all miss Maddy's happy energy. 
I also love challengers and I think Event Management was my thing that year. Again, I want to thank the members for the support I received that year with two major events. 
There was the night we relived Dirty Dancing in the park and somehow got almost 200 community members to come watch the movie with us. This night I witnesses what a great club we can be working together in what was a big challenge I threw your way. Not only a movie in the park but we ran a bar, BBQ, lolly shop and of course our favourite coffee shop. I remember Anita trying to talk me/us into running a jazz night in the park. Still not off the table Anita if you're here. 
But that wasn't the biggest event, we also had the district youth exchange conference and dinner.  It was a whole weekend dedicated to youth exchange, inbound and outbound students and supports coming together across our district.  Not only was it a great event but we got the chance to show off Portland and how amazing this community is. I remember driving around the 3 kids that stayed with me overnight and they were loving our harbour and natural beauty. Their favourite moment was out near SeaWind's nursery where a Koala seemed to pose perfectly for a picture right outside the car window. I think they took 500 pics of that koala, including the kid from our district. There were Kids, councillor's, parents, Rotarians everywhere and smiles all round. I remember I was so grateful for all the assistance I received to make this the best experience for our visitors. We did our club proud. We did Portland Proud.
This was my most rewarding experience so far. Not because I clearly enjoy event management and not just because we were able to reach out and support youth in the many exceptional Rotarian youth programs we have, it was my most rewarding year as I was able to witness how amazing our club is when we come together to support our community.